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Knowledge is Empowerment - Part 1: Cocoa butter's properties in skincare

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

To all chocolate lovers (I feel I am addressing 7.9 billion people with this opening sentence): let’s discover the benefits of cocoa butter in skincare products, one the best natural moisturisers, that also has the great advantage to smell yummy (as the users of the Organic Body Butter, Raw Cocoa, may very well know!).

Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans, harvested from the cacao tree. To arrive at what is called “Theobroma oil”, cocoa beans are fermented, dried, roasted and pressed. It is this oil that gives chocolates their creamy quality which you (and I) probably love so much.

Skincare products containing cocoa butter absorb easily and leave your skin soft, smooth, well hydrated, and, if you are using an unrefined cocoa butter (as is the case for The Creamerie’s organic Body Butter, Raw Cocoa), chocolate-smelling!

Cocoa butter in cosmetics
Can you smell a chocolaty smell from this picture?

Let’s dive into cocoa butter's properties in skincare:

1. It is a fantastic moisturiser: cocoa butter is rich in essential fatty acids that nourish and protect the skin. It provides a deep and lasting moisturising effect without a greasy feel attached to it.

2. It is so gentle on the skin: although the science isn’t so clear about it, cocoa butter is praised for its wonders in soothing eczema, fading scars and reducing stretch-marks. What is undebatable is that it has great soothing qualities, is extremely non-reactive and is therefore safe to use on the most sensitive skins.

3. It does not age quickly and it ensures the same applies to you! Cocoa butter has naturally occurring antioxidants that keep the product fresh for a long period of time. These same antioxidants also help reduce your skin’s oxidative stress, which is one of the major factors in premature ageing.

4. It ticks so many boxes: cocoa butter is best applied to hands (as is the case with The Creamerie’s hand solid lotion), lips (don’t hesitate to test the versatility of your hand solid lotion!) and body (as is the case with The Creamerie’s body solid lotion and body butters). It’s best to avoid using cocoa butter on the face, as it may end up clogging pores - but I personally do use the Body Butter, Raw Cocoa on my irritated nose during a bad cold (and it provides a great relief!).

Unrefined vs refined cocoa butter:

I use an organic unrefined cocoa butter in the vegan and organic Body Butter, Raw Cocoa. This is how this product gets its amazing gourmet smell, without the need to add any essential oils nor aromas.

I use an organic refined cocoa butter in all other products containing cocoa butter to leave some space to the other lovely scents these products offer. Refined butter, in comparison to unrefined cocoa butter, is further processed to obtain a scent-free butter. The Creamerie's products that include such cocoa butter are: the Solid Lotions and the Body Butter, Rose Geranium.

I hope this post gives you some insights on the properties and benefits of cocoa butter and will encourage you to check for yourself!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments!

Creamery yours,


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