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Knowledge is Empowerment - Part 2: How sweet is almond oil?

If you think of almonds, do you think of Van Gogh’s almond blossom? Or the filling of a delicious galette des rois? Or simply the more common nut, full of healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals? You may be associating it to good memory too, as it’s commonly done in India for example (something I have heard many times at home!)?

But would you think of this nut as a source of oil that can be used not only for cooking but also on your skin?

In fact, nearly half of a dried almond’s weight is oil.

Benefits of sweet almond oil for the skin
Nearly half of a dried almond’s weight is oil.

The almond, or Prunus dulcis, originated in southwest Asia and the Middle East, as far as the Indus River in Pakistan. To obtain almond oil - Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis - almonds are pressed, ideally with minimal heat. The cold pressed process protects the nutrients and the flavour of the unrefined oil. Refined almond oil on the other hand will have a lower nutritional value.

Almond oil is full of vitamin E, vitamin A, essential fatty acids, proteins, potassium, and zinc. It is rich of antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory and boosts immunity. If used in food, it might help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels and improve your memory (this is at least what’s commonly said in some countries). It may also help lower your risk for diseases like cancer and heart disease.

There are further benefits you can derive from sweet almond oil, if you use it on your skin or hair.

1. Sweet almond oil can improve so many skin conditions: it can treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and minor wounds. Its uses in treating dry skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, were taught as part of ancient Chinese, Ayurvedic and Greco-Persian schools of medicine. Research indicates that a cream with sweet almond oil can help relieve hand dermatitis. It helps to heal sun damage, fade scars and prevents stretch marks making it a great ally to any pregnant women. This is why The Creamerie’s Body Butter – Raw Cocoa includes it (and in fact, the Vanilla Hand Solid Lotion and Vanilla Body Solid Lotion do too!).

2. It can replace your make-up remover (though this is true for many other oils as well!): you can use almond oil as a cleanser or to gently remove makeup as well – even the one that would be on your eyes. Sweet almond can deeply clean the pores without clogging them. It absorbs quickly so you don’t have to deal with an oily residue like some other oils.

3. It can be a treat to your hair and scalp: it is rich in vitamin B-7, or biotin that will help keep hair healthy and strong. You can also use almond oil as a scalp treatment thanks to its antibacterial and fungicidal properties that will make it effective at preventing or treating dandruffs. If you have really dry hair, don’t hesitate to test the versatility of The Creamerie’s Body Butters – you may enjoy them as Hair Butter before washing your hair!

4. Almond oil is a great moisturiser that will help any dry skin and keeping old marks of old age away: as we age, fine wrinkles appear due to the thinning of the skin. Almonds are loaded with vitamin E, an antioxidant that provide the amino acids required for collagen to thrive. And tada, your skin will look and be healthier!

With all of this in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that all the products The Creamerie offers include sweet almond oil! Hurry up and have a look at The Creamerie’s collection of lip balms, solid lotions and body butters!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments!

Creamery yours,


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