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Why I am in love with solid lotions (and why you should too!)

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

You may have already tried The Creamerie’s solid lotions / moisturising bars and you may already know how useful and versatile they are. If you haven’t though, here is the occasion to discover them or generally know more about the concept.

The Creamerie solid lotion bar moisturising bars
Have you ever had such a beautiful cream?

1. A solid lotion is a lotion that is… well, solid

The idea behind the concept is to replace a traditional cream with a product in the format of a bar. The Creamerie’s solid lotions include beeswax that ensure the different ingredients, made of butters and oils, remain in a solid form.

It’s sometimes called a solid lotion, sometimes a moisturising bar, sometimes a solid hand bar… there are no formal names but the concept is the same!

2. As it doesn’t include any water it doesn’t need any preservatives

A notable difference with creams is that the solid lotions do not include any water like creams do. This means that the likelihood of having any bacteria developing is null (provided that you have clean hands when you use it) and therefore there is no need to add any preservatives. In fact, the life of a solid lotion is pretty long: you can safely use it for six to 12 months. It also means that the product only contains active ingredients selected for the benefits they provide in skincare, without being diluted into water.

3. A little piece will go a long way

Forget your cream splashing out of its tube and you begging anyone around if they need some cream too. As you are in full control of the quantity you are using, you will be surprised to see how long a solid lotion can last. No waste, ever.

4. As it is not solid it doesn’t need to be taken away from your luggage at the airport!

Well, this is self explanatory :)

In particular, the moisturising bars from the Creamerie come in a tin making it so easy to carry them around on a daily basis or when you’re traveling.

Now focusing on The Creamerie's solid lotions, note that:

  • These solid lotions will smooth any rash, sun burns or thirsty skin. So a must have for your tanning projects.

  • They are made of only organic ingredients - save for the beeswax that is actually a little debatable to source organically (in the sense it’s difficult to control where your bees are going!).

  • At the moment, four variations are available: organic lavender, organic rose geranium, organic orange & palmarosa and organic vanilla. The latter is suitable during pregnancy as I use an organic aroma and not an essential oil. I'd be curious to know if you would like to see any other scents, so feel free to leave a comment if you have a certain urge!

  • I offer two formats, i.e. a small and a large versions. Both are actually made of the same ingredients, and the different sizes suit different needs. The small one is ideal to keep your hands (or lips, or any small areas of your body!) smooth and hydrated while the large one would be a strong competitor to your usual body lotion.

  • While the bars are made from natural and organic ingredients only, they are a little sensitive to temperature. However worry not as the beeswax they include will avoid they totally melt (unless they are exposed in full sun for hours!). It means you can safely take them around for a summer trip. Note nevertheless that it may slightly impact your gorgeous bar's appearance, but once again, nothing to worry about, it will remain totally safe to use!

So if you aren’t yet a solid lotion addict, I hope this little piece of information will convince you to try them out! To be honest, I never leave the house without mine and if I don’t have a lip balm around, the solid lotion will very well do.

Creamery yours,


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delabrosse laura
delabrosse laura
17 lug 2023

Crystal clear and very interesting Marianne!

Thank you

Mi piace
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