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Knowledge is Empowerment - Part 3: from your kitchen to your bathroom, meet coconut oil!

Because coconut oil was already part of my cooking life, it has been one of the very first ingredients I used when I first looked at making my own cosmetics and thereafter developing The Creamerie's range. Today I keep falling in love again and again with this simple ingredient that offers a smooth and silky touch.

What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil is a highly saturated oil that is traditionally made by extracting the oil from raw coconuts or dried coconut kernels. It is generally solid but has a low melting point - around 25 degrees - that explains you may find it slightly (or totally) melted during a hot day.

Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which are a form of saturated fat.

What’s the difference between refined and unrefined coconut oil?

Both refined and unrefined coconut oils have triglycerides (fatty acids) and effectively moisturise the skins. Unrefined coconut oil, however, has a higher content of antioxidants. Furthermore, an organic cold-pressed coconut oil means the production process doesn't include pesticides, chemicals or additives in the finished product.

The Creamerie’s Body Butter and the newly added Hair Mask (but not only!) include an organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil that ensure the products remain full of its antioxidant properties.

Whipping body butter
Whipping all the body butter's ingredients including an organic, unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil

What can you expect when moving coconut oil from your kitchen to your bathroom:

1. It is an amazing moisturiser, thanks to it being rich in lauric acid. Coconut oil's emollient properties can be beneficial to repairing the skin's barrier function, making it especially helpful if you have dry skin. Coconut oil also acts as a protective layer that sits on top of the skin and locks in moisture, preventing water loss. `

2. It can kill bacteria and fungi thanks to its fatty acids. Applying coconut oil directly to the skin may prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. One study found that lauric acid is the most fatty acid effective at blocking the growth of bacteria (see source). However, despite the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of coconut oil, it is not totally clear whether it can help reduce acne as it can clog pores (even if some studies conclude it can fight acne).

3. Coconut oil is likely to have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the risk of psioriasis, dermatitis and eczema based on studies showing that coconut oil may relieve inflammation thanks to its antioxidant properties. This can be beneficial on the scalp (which I do benefit of when using the Creamerie’s Hair Mask (but not only!)!

4. In addition to being good for your scalp, and with no surprise; coconut oil also moisturises your hair. This is why organic, unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil accounts for around a third of The Creamerie’s versatile Hair Mask (but not only!).

5. During summer time (assuming you are not in London this very rainy July!), thanks to its antioxidant properties coconut can be beneficial after sun exposure - provided however you do not have a sun burn. Be careful as well not to use it before going to the sun (so ensure you remove every bit of it the next day of exposure for example!).

6. Finally (or not, as more benefits could be listed here!) it can be used as a make-up remover (which, if you have read other posts of this series, may sound redundant with Sweet Almond Oil for example). It is one of the uses I suggest for The Creamerie’s multipurpose product, officially baptised Hair Mask (but not only!).

As indicated above, however, it is best to avoid using coconut oil as a moisturiser on the face especially if you have an oily skin as it may block pores.

I hope the above will encourage you to try coconut oil if you haven’t yet done so, either on its own or through the

The Creamerie offers!

Creamery yours,


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